Being a nativity, there are obviously a few key characters who keep the same role throughout and appear in more than one song: namely, Mary, Joseph and Gabriel. The rest of the cast is divided into eight groups for ease of rehearsal: each group has a song and associated scene, so the groups can be rehearsed independently, and the whole show put together nearer the performance date. This suits schools and theatre groups who have more than one class or whose age groups meet at different times. It also means you do not have to have the whole cast hanging around, waiting for their bit.

The script and cast list, as it is provided, is for a cast of 60, but this can be easily adapted to suit any sized cast from a minimum of about 20 up to 90. For large casts (60-90), each person will play one part each and be in one group. For smaller casts, people may play multiple parts. The story is narrated throughout, and so some cast members will also have narration lines. (Notes on adapting the script for different sized casts are given in the Production Package.)


Due to the complexity of singing in some of the songs, the show is recommended for age 8 and above (upper KS2 or KS3 and above), although this will of course depend on the ability of the individuals involved.

 (Click here for the Cast List, Cast Descriptions, and an example of casting for a group of 28 in Example Cast Table.)

There are a number of roles which require strong solo singers: Mary, Joseph, Gabriel (rapping not singing), Donkey, Bob, Star, Wise Men x 3. In addition, many of the songs are divided to give solo lines to performers throughout. The show provides plenty of opportunity to showcase strong singers and dancers. However, it can also accommodate those weaker performers without relegating them to 43rd Sheep!