The cast is divided into eight groups, each with their own song and scene, so different groups can rehearse independently. Plan a timetable of rehearsals for each group to cover both the script and the song.

Each cast member should be given the demo tracks and backing tracks of their songs. Songs are learnt by listening to the demo track and rehearsing to the backing track. There are harmonies on the backing, which a musical director can help singers to pick out, or leave to the backing. It is not necessary to have a pianist or to be able to read music. The songs are straightforward to learn by emulation. Also in the rehearsal pack, cast members will need a copy of the script of their scenes, song lyrics and costume sheet.


A Demo DVD of a recent production of AlterNativity is available on request to give directors ideas about staging, costume, lighting and choreography. It is not meant to be the definitive version: just an example of how the show could be staged. Some directors like to save time by watching the DVD rather than reading through the script; others prefer to come to the production with their own ideas.