As the show has more of a feel of a pop concert than a stage musical, and because the songs are performed to backing tracks, then sound is important and the lead singers should ideally use microphones in order to be heard. Also, any solo lines will need to be picked up with mics. The show can be performed with a minimum of three hand-held mics. At least one (for lead singers) needs to be wireless; it is possible to get away with two having leads. In order to keep track of the mics and who needs them in any one song, their whereabouts have been plotted on the Director’s Script (see Sample Script). If possible, an extra head-set mic would be useful to share between Elizabeth (Act 1) and Gabriel (Act 2), whose songs require more movement!


Of course, if the sound budget allows, personal mics would be the ideal, but otherwise a combination of hand-helds for soloists and floating mics to pick up chorus singing is optimal. Without mics at all, you may simply have to turn down the backing track volume!