About the Music

When an audience watches AlterNativity, what they remember is the music. In fact some of the songs are so catchy they do tend to stay with you for days! There are 13 songs in AlterNativity, which account for over 45 minutes of the whole show. The first and last are for full cast. Each song is written in a different musical style, based on the popular music of the past couple of decades. This musical purposely steers away from the rock ‘n’ roll sounds of the majority of school musicals, on the basis that young people have moved on from the hand-jive and want to sing songs to which they can relate. Two of the songs from the musical were entered into the UK Song-writing Contest (‘More to Life’ 2009, ‘Boy to Man’ 2011), and both reached the semi-finals and were ’considered by the judges to be among the top songs  in the contest’.


There are 10 solo lead-singing parts. They are:

Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Donkey, Bob (shepherd), Star, Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. Gabriel is a solo rapper.

In addition, lots of the songs are divided to give individual solo lines, so there is a lot of opportunity for solo singing/rapping. Some songs also have simple harmonies which make them particularly suitable for the increasingly popular ‘Glee Club’ style of singing.

Demo vocal tracks are provided in the Production Package, from which the cast learn the songs. It is not necessary to have a pianist or musical director working from a score – these are pop songs, and as such the backing music is an integral part of the song. Young people best learn this style by listening and emulating. For your production, high-quality backing tracks are available, with some harmonies included to support the singers and to enhance the performance.

Each song is also available to purchase as a single download, for those without the resources to stage the full musical and for those looking to enhance their own production or concert. An excerpt of each song  can be heard on the Sample Tracks page.