Sample Tracks

Sample Tracks – descriptions

1 Prophesy – Full Cast
Prophesy Sample
A dance anthem, sung by eight solo prophets who foretell the birth of Jesus, joined by the full cast. An up-beat intro to the show.

2 A Little Miracle – Elizabeth + Mary
A Little Miracle Sample
A jazzy, comedy number sung by Mary’s ancient, pregnant aunt Elizabeth.

3 Why Me? – Mary, Joseph + Gabriel
Why Me Sample
Solo verses by Mary and Joseph ask why this should happen to them. Gabriel’s rap verse reassures them both.

4 Time to Shine – Donkey & Camel Emporium
Time To Shine Sample
The Donkey, having been overlooked for so long, is overjoyed at being chosen and sings in this pop song to the backing of the other animals in the Camel Emporium.

5 No Room – Instrumental
No Room Sample
Knocking on inn doors to be told ‘No Room’.

6 All God’s Creatures – Stable
All God’s Creatures Sample
All the animals in the stable welcome Mary and Joseph with a line dance.

7 More to Life – Shepherds
More To Life Sample
Bob, one of the shepherds, feels there is more to life than just shepherding and anticipates the dawning of something important. In the style of a ‘boy band’.

8 It’s an Angel Ting – Angels
It’s an Angel Ting Sample
Very catchy hip-hop number for Gabriel and ‘da host’ who rap their glad tidings.

9 Party Flock – Sheep
Party Flock Sample
An R&B song for the sheep who are bored with their lot and want to party! Booty-shaking track Beyoncé-style!

10 Boogie Down – Shepherds + Sheep
Boogie Down Sample
A ‘conga line’ of shepherds and sheep dance off to see the new-born baby.

11 Lead You On – Star + Groupies
Lead You On Sample
A rock number for the dazzlingly talented Star, who fields questions from the fans and paparazzi.

12 If You’re Wise – Wise Men
If You’re Wise Sample
The three ‘kings’ tell Mary and Joseph of their dream about Herod’s plot, in an eastern/Bollywood style song.

13 Boy to Man – Full Cast
Boy To Man Sample
A big, musical theatre finale for the whole cast, which gives a moving reminder of the ‘meaning’ of Christmas and the role that the baby boy will play when he becomes a man.