About the Package

If you decide to stage this exciting new musical, you will find everything you need to make your show a success in the Production Package. This has been put together by an experienced Director who has staged this musical a number of times and therefore knows exactly what information and guidance is needed - from casting, through rehearsing, to the smooth running of the performance.

The Production Package includes:

  • Demo vocal tracks – demo vocal recordings of all the songs in the musical, including tracks to help backing singers, and can be copied under licence to distribute to the cast for them to learn from. The vocal demos are there to provide the melody and the style, but it is up to individual performers to interpret the songs as they see fit.
  • Backing Tracks – the backing tracks to each song, which are for use in rehearsals and for the final production. There are some harmonies on the backing tracks to support the backing singers and to enhance the final performance of the songs.
  • Director’s Script -  the full script of the show, including song lyrics, marked up with lighting plot, microphone plot and backstage calls.
  • Cast Script - a script giving the dialogue and stage directions only, divided into scenes, so that it can be copied under licence and the appropriate scenes given to each cast member.
  • Costume Suggestions -  a pack of costume sheets – one for each character -  which give ideas on ‘the look’ of each part and can be photocopied under licence to give to the cast to source their own costumes.
  • Cast Descriptions/List – including notes on both expanding the cast (for a large cast) and doubling parts (for a small cast), and giving a description of each character and the size of the part.
  • Song Lyrics - each song on a separate sheet which can be photocopied under licence to hand out to the cast to learn.
  • Optional Demo DVD   -  on request, a DVD of a production of AlterNativity performed by a mixed-ability cast of 28 10-14 year-olds. It is not meant to be the definitive version of the musical, but it can be used for ideas on staging, lighting, costume, multiple casting and choreography moves, if needed, or if short on time.
  • A copying licence is granted with each purchase of the musical, but if you would like to stage the production you will need to purchase a

  • Performance Licence – one for each public performance. It is illegal and an infringement of the publisher’s copyright to perform AlterNativity without a specific performing licence. General or ‘blanket’ licences you may own do not cover its performance. A Performance Licence can be purchased to cover up to seven performances before audiences of up to 400 for each performance. For more than seven performances and/or larger audiences, please contact us for a quotation.
  • Video Licence  If you wish to video your production for your own archive or to distribute or sell on to cast members, a Video Licence is required. It is an infringement of the publisher’s copyright to video a performance of AlterNativity without this licence. The Video Licence also allows the posting of clips of your production on your organisation’s website, YouTube, Facebook or similar internet sites, ONLY providing you have the written permission to do so from every member of your cast or cast’s parents, and providing it is accredited to ‘AlterNativity, Written by Jill Priest; www.alternativitymusical.co.uk’. The publishers reserve the right to request the removal of any clip for which a Video Licence has not been purchased or which does not give accreditation to the publisher. Valid for licensed production only.

When you make a purchase of the Production Package, you will be given access to a FREE Artwork Download of AlterNativity‘s logos and images for use in your marketing material and programmes.