“Just to say how much we enjoyed 'Alternativity'. It was imaginative, witty and moving.”

M Merritt, Audience member and actor/director

“We haven’t stopped singing the songs all holiday! It was such a great start to Christmas.”

M Yates, Parent

“That was amazing….. I've never seen some of those kids look so animated and happy! The music was out of this world.”

G Palmer, Parent & Music Teacher

“It was FANTASTIC! My son has loved every minute of being on the stage. I can honestly say it was the best school production I have ever seen.”

L Myers, Parent

“Best Christmas play EVER!”

N Stephens, Cast member

“A wonderful show! Family and friends have said what a great show it is, brilliantly written with such catchy songs.”

R Lorentz, Parent

“What a show... it was fantastic….such a fab piece to perform…. we were all overwhelmed. ..... one problem is that none of us can stop 'Angel ting-ing'!!!”

K Peterson, Audience member

“AlterNativity was just incredible. I smiled throughout, enjoying each child’s participation. The music was inspired and the lyrics were fun and bright. As Angel Gabriel would say, RESPECT.”

R Rudland, Parent

“It was a great script executed really well and interestingly presented.”

L & J Perry, Audience members

“For theatre schools it is often difficult to find productions that showcase all members of the cast. This musical has opportunities for everyone – singers, dancers, actors…and of course rappers! Very well thought out.”

O Speight, Theatre School Principal

“So pleased to have found a script which doesn’t ‘dumb down’ the Christmas message but neither is it ‘in your face’. Our young adults loved performing it and it went down a storm with our visitors.”

M Maddox, Church Youth Leader

“Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed ‘AlterNativity’. Having been involved in school 'plays' for years, it was truly brilliant, genius and completely entertaining. From the moment the kids all sang the opening number I had a lump in my throat and was a bit emotional by the end!”

R Holden, Audience Member & Teacher

“A superb way to get the boys fully engaged in our Christmas production. They all wanted to be Angels!”

K White, KS3 Teacher

“At last! A show with 21st-century music. About time the schools market was brought up to date."

T McGill, Drama Teacher